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Jerrell Morris Johnson, Director/Instructor
(214) 289 0887

There is a shortage of licensed Home Inspectors to service the industry. Once licensed, the new licensee may work for “another” or may become self-employed.
Total active Real Estate Brokers/Salespersons: 115,880.  Total active Inspectors: 2,271.


Construction/Building Inspector Jobs Rank High on Career Builder List

Construction, building inspectors rank second on a new list of the Most Popular Jobs That Pay $25 an Hour by Career Builder.

Construction and building inspectors ensure that new construction, changes or repairs comply with local and national building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations and contract specifications.


Total TREC hours required for a
Professional Real Estate
Home Inspector's License.

This program trains you for existing home inspections.

448 hours TREC INSPECTION $2,795.00

VA students click HERE


Short track - No internship

448-hour TREC approved course


Legends Real Estate Inspection School fulfills the requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission and prepares you to pass the professional inspector exam.

This short track (no internship) 448-hour course combines live classroom instruction and onsite inspections to help you understand all the theory
and have the technical expertise required to complete a home inspection.

At Legends Real Estate Inspection School we do not have a make believe simulation house in a classroom to learn inspections like some schools do.
We go to actual inspections at actual real estate properties in the DFW area.  

 Professional Residential Real Estate Inspection I
The textbook Introduction to Residential Inspections covers the inspection process.
30 hours
Professional Residential Real Estate Inspection II
The textbooks From Theory to Reality, International Residential Code and Code check cover business planning, building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes.
30 hours
 Professional Residential Real Estate Inspection III
The textbook covers the entire building and inspection process.
60 hours
Professional Residential Real Estate Inspection IV
The textbook The Standards of Practice as written by The Texas Real Estate Commission covers the minimal requirements of a Real Estate inspection.
8 hours

Professional Residential Real Estate Inspection V
Professional Inspector Education Alternative Course
The textbook The Fundamentals of Residential Construction contains materials in the following subjects:

6 hrs
 Building Enclosures
12 hrs
 Electrical Systems
 25 hrs
 EPA, CPSC & Business
6 hrs
 Foundation Systems
30 hrs
30 hrs
 HVAC Systems
25 hrs
25 hrs
 Roof Systems
25 hrs
 Standards of Practice/Legal/Ethics
8 hrs
 Standards Report Form/Form Writing
8 hrs
200 hours

 Lab 120                                                                                                                   
 Hands on inspections, Generating Business & Skill Building, Report Writing and Presentation

120 hours
 Package price
Test Prep



PLEASE CALL C.E.L.I. AT 888-333-3735

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 448 Hour HOME INSPECTION Course

Legends Real Estate School has partnered with CELI to offer Correspondence Home Inspection Courses for students who prefer studying at home by themselves vs. live classes at Legends Real Estate School.

CELI - Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc - is an educational partner with the Extended University at Texas A&M University - Commerce.

Legends Inspection School course fulfills the requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission to start your home inspection career and prepares you to pass the state Professional Home Inspector exam.

This short track (no internship) 328-hour plus 120 hands-on hours course combines live instruction and correspondence study to help you understand all the theory and have the technical expertise required to complete a home inspection. in

  • 328 hours: Correspondence classes offered through CELI.

  • 120 hours: Live classes offered through Legends.

  • 20 hours: Test Prep. Two day classroom live class offered through Legends.

 Classes, Schedules & Tuition 

(offered through CELI)

  • Introduction to Inspections: 320 hours
    • Framing
    • Roofing
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical systems
    • HVAC
    • Business principles for the home inspector
  • Standards of Practice:   8 hours
  • Package price: $1,795.00

(offered through Legends)

  •  Hands-on: 120 hours $1,500.00
  • Test Prep:     20 hours $   295.00

(offered through Legends)

  • Revisiting Attics: 16 hours $195.00
  • Hybrid Wood And Steel Details Builder's Guide: 16 hours $195.00
  • Alternative Framing Materials in Residential Construction: 16 hours $195.00


Course TitleHours
Introduction To Residential Inspections120
Course Description

Hands-on Inspection

Flexible dates.  Please call.8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
If 120 hours in a 2-week period is a schedule that you cannot attend, please feel free to call for alternative arrangements.

Jerrell M. Johnson, Director/Instructor
(214) 289 0887

Course TitleHours
Test Prep20 Classroom
Course Description

Test Prep


Flexible dates.  Please call.

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Financing Information

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